Friday, 12 August 2011


My first attempt at a full digital paint using the default brush

LAME attempt at sculpting, bad anatomy lol, Legs are to short and the arms are not humanly possbile!

I uploaded at the beginning of my blog the outline of the Pilot building I sketched, for my archectural peice, and creating shuttings instead of open window- I finally did it ~
The floor is realy lame though..
(Default PS brush)

This was a masters painting created in oil paint on canvas - (Orignal Painting by George Braque)
It took me 3 days to finish that canvas, and at the end.. I noticed the orginal had alot more darker areas.. and had more dominant bold brush strokes, I didnt want to add black beacuse If i made a mistake it easily ruined the canvas which is unchangable and didnt have time to repaint a new one

I actually didnt use the default brush for this, I downloaded some new brushes.. and picked one haha, I didnt have time to experiement, so It came out that way.. however i didnt really like the brush i picked in the end, It came out to cartoony, I prefer realsim.