Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Inside Kerry Jones

Carpe Diem - Cease the day 
“See something you want, Go For it.
Dont think twice, Go For it
Dont leave this earth with nothing to show for it” (Jin)
Inspiration is universal and is what drives me further to get where I want to be.  I know what I want, and plan to work hard to get there.

My names Kerry Jones apart from my passion for video games I love movies, music and piano.
I’m from Birmingham, although.. I do not have the strong accent. :P (THANK GOD) :D  nothing against Brummy accents.. *cough*   If you’re from Birmingham.. Please don’t kill me ;_;

Game Art Design at DMU originally wasn’t my first choice, it is so hard to weave out the generic “Game Design” courses around, that do not entail what you expect it to. (Programming, Game Design and Constant essays writing). 
Attending the presentation/Interview really opened my eyes to what an extraordinary course it actually is. DMU GA Mainly focuses on Art, solely as Software’s upgrade and change but you’re artist core always stays with you and what situates you from your peers.
In the past I’ve studied many courses that have minimal art foundation in and were refreshed at what DMU had to offer as a degree basing modules around what the game Industry desire.  (Sculpting) !             

I instantly knew this is where I wanted to spend the next 3 years of my life studying, growing as a artist and individual.
I know where my weaknesses lie, my ambition for this year, is to eliminate my insecurities and anxiousness around Perspective Drawing, Digital Painting, 2D Character Design, Modelling and Presentation speaking.
A big part of the education process is learning about yourself and how your brain works/learns.
I found, I become apprehensive and unwilling in areas I’m unsure of and do not understand.
In the past I’ve been known to avoid these problems instead of facing it head on and overcoming the problem with ‘PRACTICE’! 
Therefore subject areas become less intimidating and more enjoyable.

My experience so far, what I really love about the course, Is each week you learn a great deal, some can say It drops you in the deep end.  But that’s what initially drives you to learn faster and excel.
I defiantly chose the right course, and hope to give 100% to the rest of my experience at DMU in Game Art Design.
My dream job would be an Environment Artist, which mainly focuses on 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Sculpting, and Most importantly Traditional Skills.
I want to mainly focus my time in drawing and learning anatomy, understanding perspective like its second nature and building appreciation and ability to make good artistic judgement.
I need to learn colour theory, values, composition, and begin to think in 3D.
I intend to develop these skills by using my personal learning time carefully, drawing environments outside, researching tutorials and books, practicing anatomy, digital painting and putting in extra hours modelling In 3DS Max.

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