Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Experiences.. Progress.. and Reflection

I really dislike writing..
After reading other people’s blogs, I noticed they write more freely, opinionated with humor compared to my.. down to the point, Hitler,.. fact based. (zZzZzZz) :D
Im really bad with humor.. people think im so gullable i never really understand it lol

Ive never made a blog before, and I generally rarely write anything.. 
so I’ve decided to add more.. random feeling/thoughts/work progress and weekly encounters just to loosen up.
I’m SO USED to writing 3000 word essays.. fact/structured based for college, so I don’t know how to write any different.. as you can see with my earlier blogs T_T;

I did write.. a few notes, during my first 2 weeks

1st Entry
“I was told the 1st years the hardest (Boot Camp), you have to overcome you’re fears, youre insecurities, you’re will to not give up every time you get frustrated and want to quit because you don’t understand.
3DS Max gives me a headache modelling the Dalek, when you have no one but yourself to figure out different methods of modelling limitedly sparing Polygons Is nerve racking under a timescale.”

2nd Entry
“I’m becoming increasingly worried about my visual design perspective drawings, I am minorly behind as I draw very slow and do not get enough sketches in for the deadline asked.”
I didn’t understand perspective, and it was frustrating me!
I kind of still don’t get it..   mhm ;_;          ..Practice makes perfect..

Imagining a random vanishing point behind brick walls and unforeseeable environment puzzled me..
Inez explained it to me, at the canal and I carried on practicing and Im getting better

I later realised, my thumb nails were too detailed, and were purely for figuring out the right perspective, horizon line + vanishing point for your scene.

I have been ill with the flu for 2 weeks to.. so sitting outside in the freezing cold on the floor for 4 hours a day wasn’t helping. I think it was because my radiator broke, and my room was like an iceburg for 3 weeks K
I FINALLY got it fixed today, so im happy and warm :D
ehm..   Im happy we have a free week in week 4, I have so much to catch u on.. 
Im also looking forward to the Industry speaker next Wednesday ^ #

Catch up week is going too fast.. !
I dont draw fast enough n_n;

I still need to learn texturing.. and texture my bin
write my blog
and model a snooker table for my guru/grasshopper project..

but Ive been busy trying to finish my canal/arch way sketchs
I havent even started 2d perspective yet :D lol
no sweat right?  @_@;


Wednesday Today!

Its amazing to have the Art Director from Blitz do a talk and answer questions
It was interesting to learn what actually goes on in the behind closed doors, find out what there really after in recruitment potential, and know what it takes to get to the level they expect by graduation.
It defiantly gave me more drive to keep on track, and concentrate on my art skills over 3D.
One thing that did stick out to me was Visual problem solving, the most important skill an artist can have as well as there traditional skills. (Del's potential)
Im yet to figure out how to obtain this, but I’m assuming its just traditional art practice, anatomy and real life drawings, train your brain to visually problem solve over time.

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