Sunday, 16 January 2011

Personal Gaming History

Super Nintendo

Super Mario World
Super Mario World was probably the first game I ever played on the Nintendo. What’s not to love about it!. Yoshi <3

Mystical Ninja Kids

Mystical Ninja Kids was a game me and my sister played when we were little. She doesn’t play video games but she seemed to like this game?  We always used to fight over who had to be the old purple guy because he wasn’t “cool”.  She used to like collecting coins and buying pizzas/burgers/armour with it so she could chicken out of killing the boss and make me do it ;_;
I think the mini games like Paint and the quizzes/races attracted her. (This is a girl who I made play WoW one time and took 10minutes getting stressed directing herself through an open door properly...  It’s a really good game to enjoy with someone else because it is  not your average versus racing/fighting or taking it in turns type of game.
Super Metroid

Final Fantasy 7
This has to be my favourite game for Super Nintendo and out of all the Nintendo games,
Super Metroid cannot be beaten. :]
I didn’t know “Character” was a girl until a few years ago.
I catch on slowly..

I could never understand why when younger, I could never defeat red/white boss.
Maybe I was too young to grasp the concept of tactics (blue = magic red = attack)
and always ran way from random battles because they scared me in case I died. I never levelled up back then, as I didn’t realise that was why I wasn’t strong enough to kill everything and progress. It took me a few years to figure that out. :P
I finally completed FF7 a few months ago before joining this course.  (FAIL) haha

Broken Sword

*French Accent* -  “Good Luck Inspectar, I hope u catch that killa SOON!”
If you don’t understand what I’m saying..

It was the first point and click game I ever played.. and I loved it#
This game introduced me to one of my favourite game genres.. ‘Investigation’.
Resident Evil 2

I’m not even sure why my parents let me play this game at such a young age..
It scared the” *$!%^`£*” out of me! lol
It  did turn out to be my favourite Survival Horror game. ß YES I actually completed this game!

‘easy’ *COUGH*

I R L33T :]             

Final Fantasy 8

I’m now currently playing FF8.. I’m progressing slowly ;_;
My first attempt at the ‘SEE-D Assessment in the Cave killing Ifrit in 10min’ failed..  I RAN OUT OF TIME!!! /rwar  
It makes me feel annoyed when game FAQ writers say “10min should be easily enough time”
and I RUN OUT SO FAST! ;_;
Maybe.. I just really suck at video games?\


Fahrenheit was the first game that introduced me to multiple choices of game play/questions.
I liked the fact that your decision affected the way the game turned out, giving you some kind of control/responsibility in interaction.
This game made me look forward to Heavy Rain while in production.


Unreal Tournament

Back in the day when Unreal Tournament was popular,  I used to love this game(Instagib only). I’m not really sure why I took to it, because I don’t like FPS buuut It was so fun playing in clans and Owning at your favourite maps.. Citadel/Chrome..   I MISS YOU!
I’ll be honest, one thing I noticed about games that involve people, it is the community that keeps you hooked. If it’s bad then you’re less likely to carry on playing.. or maybe that’s just me.

MMO Online#-  Ragnarok Online (Childhood Game)

I started playing Ragnarok Online from the age of 13, on and off. It was always a game I’d leave and come back to.  It was kind of funny.. as I joined  believing it was an English server.. until the age of 18 or something.. ? Then I found out I’d joined an American server haha
BIT LATE NOW don’t you think ;-;
It makes me think I wasn’t all there as a child.. >_<;
Explains why I lagged so bad.. but I wouldn’t change it. I experienced meeting a lot of interesting Americans :D
One of the things I noticed in MMOs Games..  Ragnarok is more social and has Interested a lot more girls compared to other MMOS.

MMO Online#-  WoW
All I can say is..  ADDICT #_#;

Its a game.. to play If you don’t mind not having a life.
I recommend it if u want to fail :P

I still get cravings.. now /sigh
I’m CLEAN honest ;3


Need for Speed

I’m not into racing games (repetitive), but need for speeds campaign mode gave me a reason to want to win the next race. To bling out my car, make it look pretty, to watch the next story mode sequence, get through the different characters for the black lists to win their cars..
It also offers a free roam environment killing the linear norm.

Unlike other games I’ve played the game designers of yakuza have worked together with the author of the book. Producing a game and storyline that further the gamers experience likes reading a book (you just want keep on playing it and wanting to know more)

Grand Theft Auto/ Saints Row

I’ve always liked Grand Theft Auto..  BUT ive never actually completed one, THERE TO HARD lol
seriously.. o-o;
Yet.. I completed Saints Row 1 + 2
so.. either Grand Theft Auto producers just don’t like me, or.. I suck at it. :]

Gears of War

I’ve never been a big fan of FPS video games, but GOW is really an amazing game to play, and I’d recommend it to anyone.
It’s what made me buy an XBOX360 originally.
Final Fantasy series

The rest of the series.. apart from FF9 Is sitting on my shelf waiting for me. :D
It will probably be a few years till they feel my fingers open them! L  With my lame gaming skills haha

Heavy Rain

My favourite recent game#
After playing Fahrenheit, I waited for this game for LONG TIME.. and I loved it J

Shame about the length of the game.. I completed it to fast not like me:/ ConclusionI generally avoid linear based video games that are stuck down to one path only.  
I like freedom to roam and explore environments and scenery, engaging with NPCS in conversation and having the decision to do certain areas in your own time rather than be forced.
It’s more like a virtual reality experience then, rather than a game instruction.
People play video games for their own personal preferences; they may like the gameplay/the fight moves, the sport, or just slashing up anyone and anything.

I personally go for story, a game that makes me want to find out what happens next, kind of like a book yet.. more interactive :P (Oddly enough I don’t read) the feeling of not actually ‘Playing a game’ but virtually experiencing it.. like you forget you’re playing for that moment.
Linear games destroy that aspect for me #_#;

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