Sunday, 16 January 2011

Del Walker Talk

Del Walker..
3D Character Artist from Blitz Games former DMU Game Art Design graduate

The most important aspect I gained from Dels lecture, was ‘Process’ and ‘Artist Judgement’
knowing what’s wrong with a piece, and how you can fix it.
To make the process of learning the basic core your main priority rather than the final outcome.
Knowing mistakes are good, and will help your learning process providing you keep practicing.
The great thing about having Del talk Is, he’s being in the same situation as we are right now, and knows what were going through, sharing his own experience.
The whole.. “Not understanding something..  Looking on Facebook at people’s amazing work (Inez I hate youJ) lol
and feeling like.. you fail”
Knowing your not the only one feeling that way, and it’s not the end of the world you just have to overcome it with practice and understand the progress.
I really liked Dels passion for recreating 3 vehicles instead of just doing one so he could make mistakes and understand the process easier.
I hope in time to incorporate some of his learning techniques into my own.

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