Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Game Reviewers

Issues reviewers face
Game reviewers face many different issues when writing for magazines, papers etc. They are given strict deadlines so time is very limited, giving a lack of depth to the review that can change viewer’s perception of the game being reviewed. Magazine companies may have short funding, which affects how many staff they can recruit. Low workforce affects the amount of workload the current staff has to handle between them; therefore, the quality in review is damaged.
Management, depending on who they are, can be in favour of certain video games, or companies, which have a biased view on what they want to portray in their review. i.e. if they have connections with the game company. This means the journalist has to write one-sided as it is their job and they are being paid for it.

Ranking systems

I feel the only way you can make a reasonable ranking system is to sort by game genre.
People generally have certain tastes whether it be Fighting games or Racing, so comparing different genres together doesn’t give an accurate outcome.
There needs to be a mix of Objective and Subjective ranking as a one-sided viewpoint does not explore all the possible flaws/problems or positives other people could not see.
A less experienced game reviewer may only put forth their subjective views and feelings towards the game from their experience playing it, which does not help the general public wanting information about that game to ensure it is worthy of purchase. The objective details being left out could be of vital importance.

Media Resources
Finding reviews about video games via Magazine or Internet. What would you choose?
Magazines cost money, traveling to a shop to buy it takes time; however, the Internet is free/something you have already paid for, and is easily accessible. Which type of information suits you best? Magazines are written to a better quality as they employ experienced journalists, however will take longer to composite, publish and print. Internet sources, which could be written by anyone, qualified or unqualified, so finding quality or depth can be hit and miss. However it is instantly available for viewing and is easily accessible.

Gaming reviews are important for the selling market launch as soon as a game is released.
Bad publicity rating can be fatal to sales plummeting in disaster.
Gamers who rely on these reviews who are oblivious of the games potential or failure, may already base there assumptions on the review or ranking.
There are many different types of review styles and formats which vary from game related websites like game spot and IGN which are more objective based on a ranking system 1-10 which any user can review as well as the critique staff from other websites.
Other forms of reviews are based no video animation skits grounded upon humour, this is deemed very popular upon gamers choice, as I found out in college.

The Escapist - Zero Punctuation

I personally do not peruse any of these forms of media to gain information about a game as if find reviews are based largely on opinions and can be biased. Whether you agree or not each individual are different as each game caters different tastes.


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