Sunday, 6 February 2011

End of 1st Semester

End of 1st Semester - 

I feel I work to slow,  I notice when I concentrate on one subject “Game Production” –  My Visual Design suffers-  and Visa-versa.

I noticed with a lot of my previous Visual Design work- Its very.. technical and boring
I think I got to carried away with the ruler :/

The windows in Pilot shopping building were so cluttered, I found it hard to draw everything inside proply. I decided to wait till the shutters go down.

I took along time on this my space center final peice maybe to long !

In the Brigate Park sketchs, I didnt use a ruler and felt a more natural result come of it.
In my 2nd semester I plan avoid rulers~

Life drawings..
I never draw the face, hands or feet.. as I don’t feel confident in drawing them yet.  
Flaws I need to practice

Architectural Old Toilet Building
I wished I picked a more interesting building- even though I think the toilet has character- Its very small..  I should have gone for a bigger scale size, to test my modelling abilities.
There was extras I took photographs of like park bins + Direction arrows- trees.. I could have added to the environment to make it look more interesting and not so basic.
To anyone looking.. It just looks like a toilet.
If I added more Brigate Park extra features around it, people may recognise a link to where the buildings come from.
In my free time, I will find another building to model and texture.

I need to work harder!

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