Sunday, 6 February 2011

Deadliest Artist

Blitz Game Studio Talk
Daryl Clewlow and Simon Ible, compared by Jolyon Webb
Blitz games studios artists could have easily given a presentation showing what their passion and enthusiasm was via Photos and explanation.
However, making it into a rivalry gave it a competitive edge, and made the artists genuinely interested in their passion as they wanted to win your vote as well as demonstrate what drives them.
Blitz always look for the artist in any 3D modeller – their visual decision making and artist's eye is what separates you from your competition that wants the same job. It is what they are looking for. I particularly liked Simon's choice – Ryan Woodward animation
I didn’t like the background music- but he makes the girl character disappear into snow- from action to action- it flowed into a story without words.

Daryl Clews war photography inspiration made me relate to the recent assignment given about character design. The emotion, what they’ve been through, expression and subtlety portrayed in these photos is what makes an interesting character come to life.
I want to use this in my future character designs – giving my characters meaning.. what makes you feel something about them – and ask questions.
They have a story to tell.

Jolyon Webb especially gave me a better grasp of what to put into my portfolio – what kind of things I should be working on to create towards it -

3 Important words come out to me today


The Atmosphere you create in your environments should make the onlooker have these 3 things in mind when viewing it, with the use of lighting, placement, and reasoning using art direction and visual decisions.

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